Japanese :: Ebi Sushi 2

February 04, 2018

We are back at Ebi Sushi again! This time, we started with a lovely avocado salad that was a tasty mix of house salad, crabstick, avocado with generous toppings of flying fish roe and mayo. It was so tasty that I ate too much of it, only to regret later with little room left for my main course.
I decided to pick my main course off the regular menu (instead of lunch menu) just to try something new : a pork ginger teishoku meal set! The star of the show is the pork loin that is marinated in a sweet ginger-onion wine sauce.  It was tender and flavorful - a pretty well-done dish. The set also included chilled tofu, some pickled vegetables, a house salad and a bowl of rice. I didn't quite like chilled tofu in general and actually preferred the sides that came with the teishoku meal sets ordered off lunch menus.
Hubby had the plain curry this time which is basically a 'chicken-katsu-less' version of the curry he had last time. The curry sauce is as tasty and the egg yolk is as runny as usual 🙂
It's been really challenging not to over-eat at Ebi Sushi - so far I haven't had much success accomplishing this!

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