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January 5, 2018

Authentic, tasty and well-prepared Taiwanese food is hard to come by in the Cambridge area. Thankfully, we have Mulan to come to the rescue when we craved for some good 台菜 (Taiwanese dishes) this cold winter evening.
The restaurant was unusually quiet for a Friday night, likely due to the bitter cold that came after the blizzard yesterday.
Mulan was closed in 2014 after a fire. The restaurant has just reopened a couple months ago after a massive renovation and space expansion. The new dining area is now more spacious and elegantly-decorated with beautiful Chinese art.
Each dining table was elegantly laid out for each customer with appetizer plates of pickled cabbage and peanuts as well as a pot of chinese tea.
I have been a fan of Mulan since starting graduate school in MIT many years ago so it was a no-brainer when it comes to ordering. Tonight, we ordered our 2 favorite dishes to share: Mulan spicy fish and stir-fried Pea Pod stem with garlic (a.k.a. dou miao 豆苗)!
The mulan spicy fish is just simply awesome. The fish is tender and well-textured in a spicy and tangy sauce. This is a must-order at Mulan 🙂 The pea pod stem is another plate of mighty goodness. This is probably the best plate of dou miao I've tasted in my life. It is well-flavored, rightly salted and a delicious crunch in every bite. 
It is also just pure satisfaction to enjoy the savory spicy sauce of Mulan Fish on the fragrant rice.
We took our time to savor the dishes and did not realize we were the last customers left in the restaurant. It is a rare sight to see Mulan empty so I just had to seize the opportunity to take a picture. 🙂 
Fresh orange slices were also served after the meal. Today's was sweet and juicy, a nice addition to help digest our heavy meal.
It is always sad to finish at Mulan -it's the feeling of being full but wanting more 🙂 This restaurant has got to be my favorite in this area and will continue to be for many years to come!

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