How to not have icy fingers during winter?

January 4, 2018

Boston has been frigid cold the past week with temperatures hovering between -20 and 0 degrees C. In fact, we are welcoming the first snow blizzard of 2018 today with a bomb cyclone that is threatening the area with hurricane-force winds!
For those who do not have the luxury to stay indoors, I hope you've found some good ways to stay warm out there! Despite being usually pretty well-prepared with a good waterproof down jacket, snuggly scarf and double pairs of gloves, my fingers still feel like they are going to fall off from frostbite 🙁 It is not until recently that I found solutions to fix this problem.
These are 2 products I have tried that kept my hands so warm that I am now able to enjoy the winter scenery while taking walks outside. The left is an air-activated hand warmer that triggers an exothermic chemical reaction when exposed to air. It gives a pretty stable heat up to I would say 5-6 hours and then the heat tapers off at about the 9, 10 hour mark. It is a good option but not reusable so the cost does add up over winter. I've recently found a rechargeable hand warmer which I think is a better solution. The heat is stable up to 15 hours and is definitely a more environmentally friendly option.
I hope today's bomb cyclone will pass through the area gently and that everyone in the area will be safe! Stay warm folks!

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