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January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! We welcomed 2018 with a sumptuous Indian meal at Nirvana in Porter Square today. The interior decor of Nirvana is sleek and trendy with a tinge of ethnic feel. Colorful indian fabric wall hangings and beautiful sketches of indian musicians stand out against the solid white walls.
Photo credit : Nirvana's owner
We chose to go with the lunch buffet so as to sample Nirvana's large menu. The buffet options are pretty extensive. For starters, they offer mulligatawny soup, samosa, aloo tikki (potato croquette) and fresh salad just to name a few. We were also served fresh garlic naans to go with the huge selection of curries and main course dishes.
I especially enjoyed the Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori chicken, Saag paneer and a kind of special chicken curry. All the curries were flavorful, fragrant, rich and creamy - perfect to eat with the soft and fluffy naan.
The desserts options were pretty standard for an indian buffet in the area but done well. The Kheer (rice cooked in sweetened milk with raisins and almonds) and chai tea were quite good but I like Gulab Jamun the best. Gulab Jamun is a kind of deep fried wheat snack with milk solids soaked in syrup - it was perfectly sweetened and served warm and moist!
We left Nirvana satisfied and fully sated. I usually have some kind of stomach upset after an indian meal but my tummy seemed to have tolerated this buffet pretty well. Overall, I will give Nirvana a 4/5 rating . Although the buffet is slightly more expensive than other indian restaurants, the service is excellent, restaurant clean and organized and food feels clean and tasted fresh. It is probably worth coming back to try some of the ala carte items!

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