Ramen :: Amateras

December 29, 2017

A foodie friend brought me to Amateras Ramen for our lunch date today. The restaurant is a stone's throw from South Station. However, it's not easy to find as it is tucked in behind buildings and lost in the web of the narrow alleyways of Boston's Leather District. Fortunately, my friend is a whiz at directions and got us there with the shortest path, thereby sparing us the pain of walking extra distances in the bone-chilling cold today.
The entrance to the restaurant is inconspicuous and kinda concealed at the top of a short flight of steps, making it hard to spot. When we finally got in, we were welcomed by the bright, splashy colors, immediately taking the gloom out of today's cloudy and wintry weather. The interior of the restaurant is simply designed and spacious. There is a tiny Shōji screen with some oriental ornaments at a corner of the restaurant, showcasing perhaps the best attempt by the owner to give the place a 'Japanese-feel' to the otherwise minimalist interior design.
We were served by a really friendly and attentive waiter who was kind to make recommendations. However, I had already made up my mind to order the Yokohama Tonkotsu ramen as I have read rave reviews on yelp. The ramen was served pretty quickly and came with toppings of Chashu pork, some greens, a lovely-cooked Ajitsuke tamago (soft-boiled egg) and some red onion garnish. The broth was rich and flavorful and was interestingly both sweet and savoury. Ramen came springy and perfect and Chashu was tender. The egg was done well but I wished it was marinated. Overall, this was a tasty bowl of ramen, albeit pricey for the small portion.
We didn't take too long to finish the yummy but tiny portion of ramen so this became a really fast dining experience! Perhaps I will come back in the future to try the more adventurous options on the menu - painful miso anyone? 🙂

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