Small plates :: Ittoku

December 22, 2017

I've recently heard rave reviews about Ittoku from my Japanese colleague and decided to dine there to celebrate the upcoming Christmas break! We arrived pretty early in the evening and was surprised to find Ittoku already packed.  It's always a good sign when you walk into a Japanese restaurant and hear the customers conversing in Japanese 🙂
Food at Ittoku is served tapas style so we went ahead to order 3 different plates to share between us.  We were first served the cod roe pasta which was yummy! It came with a unique and delicate cod roe flavor and the pasta was chewy and creamy. The seaweed flakes also added an additional crunch and texture to the pasta. My only complaint was the 'tapas' portion - I was sad to take the last bite and wished the portion was a bit bigger. 
We also ordered a bowl of Bara Chirashi which came with cooked shrimp, tiny pieces of unagi (eel), strips of egg and pickled radish over a bed of sushi rice. The taste was not bad but there wasn't a lot of toppings to go with the huge mound of rice. It really felt like we were just eating rice after the first few bites.
Feeling dissatisfied with the chirashi, I was kinda excited to try the miso ramen, especially since the review for ramen is pretty good on yelp. Unfortunately, the taste didn't live up to expectations. It was not awful but not spectacular either. The meat and noodles came in generous servings though.
Today's visit to Ittoku was interesting since it's my first time at a Japanese izakaya (gastropub). However, I think we didn't make good decisions on our orders (other than the cod roe pasta). I'll likely come back here again after consolidating opinions from my Japanese colleagues!

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