How to have soft skin during winter?

December 16, 2017

I've been suffering from flaky, itchy skin every winter since moving to Boston from Singapore. Boston is well known for its harsh winter, dry chilly climate, a complete opposite from Singapore's hot and humid weather. It took me many years to get used to this extreme weather change and through many trial and errors to get my moisturizing kit right to fight the winter wind and dry indoor air during this period.
I've gone from the days buying cheap CVS moisturizers to high-end skin hydrating products but none of them seem good enough to prevent the dry, chapped hands I have without fail every winter. Recently though, I've had the good fortune to come across a new product called Yu-Be which in my opinion is like a magic potion for dry skin!
This is my hand before and after application of Yu-be moisturizing body lotion. It was red and inflammed before but the dry, scaly and reddish patches have reduced after Yu-Be.
The body lotion came in a 300 ml bottle - it looks tiny but the cream is so thick that a little goes a long way. I squeeze a tiny bit each time and that amount is actually sufficient to keep me moisturized for the whole day without re-applications. I also tried applying some to my face too and it kept my facial skin soft and supple only after one application. I have super sensitive skins and am usually allergic to many products so I was kinda surprised to not experience any irritation after application of Yu-Be.
I've also heard that Yu-be's moisturizing skin cream is even better than their body lotion. The jar is a lot smaller and so a bit more expensive but I think I'm now convinced enough to try it so this is definitely up on my shopping list. 🙂

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