Sushi Combo :: Wafu-Ya

December 15, 2017

We shared a Japanese sushi combo over dinner at Wafu-Ya Japanese Kitchen today. Wafu-Ya is a hidden gem located at a secluded corner within the Art deco-style building owned by Lesley University. There are tons of Japanese eateries in the same building but Wafu-Ya is the only restaurant with a full-sized seating area. We used to frequent this spot when the restaurant was under old management (called Bluefin then) and noticed the new management have kept the menu and ambience largely similar after taking over this spot.
The interior of Wafu-Ya exudes a quiet elegance in a tranquil setting. Dining tables were comfortably-spaced, making our dining experience private and very special.
Our sushi combo was served with a choice of 5 rolls. My hubby doesn't eat raw fish so we usually stick to cooked eel and sweet egg omelet variants. I thought the chef did a pretty good job with the presentation considering the limited colors of the sushi we chose 🙂
Wafu-Ya doesn't disappoint if you are looking for a simple and quiet sushi indulgence. On our way out, we spotted a pretty plate of uni (sea urchin) by the reception - it's a first for me!

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