Hotpot buffet :: Spring Shabu-Shabu

December 10, 2017

I just can't seem to get out of shabu-shabu mode recently! To satisfy my insatiable craving for hotpot, we visited Spring Shabu-Shabu, a fairly new restaurant in brighton for hotpot buffet! The reception area is elegant and pleasant looking - a great start to our meal 🙂
Spring Shabu-Shabu is a huge restaurant with space that can accommodate more than a hundred guests. The interior has a modern chic style and is comfortable to dine in. We had 'yelped' the restaurant before and followed the advice to arrive close to opening to avoid long queues. This strategy worked very well as we were seated relatively quickly. In fact, there was a long snaky line just 15 min after we were seated! Pagers were given to those in line.
I like the fact that we were given our own individual pot to cook. Although we miss a bit of fun sharing food with each other, it was pretty good to have complete control over what I cook. The only issue I had at the table was the difficulty to control the heat and avoid over-boiling. It was kinda hard not to make a mess of the table with the broth spillage!
We were overwhelmed by the numerous choices of assorted greens, root vegetables, noodles and fish cake at the buffet. Since the options were plenty, we decided not to order extra portions of meat/seafood (available at additional charges) and focus on the buffet items.
The best part of the buffet has got to be the sauce bar. I have never seen so many hotpot sauces in my life. There were the more traditional sha cha, hoisin and spicy chilli sauces as well as other unique blends - pineapple sesame, chive puree and sambal oelek sauces just to name a few!
I was happy to find some lotus root, black fungus, yam, bamboo shoots, squash - these are my favorites! It was also a pleasant surprise to find konnyaku in the buffet! 
There were 5 choices for broth and I chose the spicy pork bone broth. The broth was not spectacular but sufficient as a base to build the flavor with the buffet items.
It was difficult not to overeat today but I managed to have room at the end of the meal for a green tea ice cream. It was creamy and rich - not bad for a 'buffet-quality' ice cream 🙂
I had a lot of fun today exploring the buffet grounds and cooking my own pot! The ingredients were fresh and the buffet (and sauce) options plenty. The dining area was also squeaky-clean and waitresses friendly and attentive. I will rate this an overall 4.5++/5 experience!

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