Shabu-shabu :: Shabu and Mein

December 2, 2017

Winter day is hot pot day! A steamy pot of aromatic broth never fails to warm me up even on the coldest days. Today, I gathered with 2 other ladies at Shabu and Mein in Cambridge for a cozy rendezvous over hotpot.
One of my friends have never had hotpot before so we ordered 2 meat combos (chicken and pork) that came with assorted vegetables and noodles so that she can try a bit of everything. We also chose the house soup base - a conservative choice as we didn't want any surprises for our friend.
I especially like the yam slices in the assorted vegetable basket - it actually melted into the broth fairly quickly, giving a thick creamy texture to the broth. The chinese barbecue dipping sauce provided was pretty good too. The house soup base was unfortunately bland to start with but after cooking all the meat and vegetables, we ended up with a pretty decent broth!
We were given a choice of noodles or rice for each combo and ended up choosing japanese yam noodles and udon. We added these noodles last and they did a good job to pick up the flavor in the broth 🙂
Overall, I find the hotpot ingredients pretty fresh at Shabu and Mein but the shabu experience and soup base quite average as compared to the other restaurants in the area. It was good to be able to get a seat without reservation/much waiting though (the nearby Happy Lamb hotpot restaurant had a 2 hours waiting time when we called to make a reservation). I think this is a good place to be on a weekend night if you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy a simple pot of shabu-shabu but not looking for strong flavors in the broth.

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