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November 25, 2017

We had a very enjoyable dinner with a couple of friends at Shanghai Gate today. This restaurant has a strong following of loyal customers and is usually fully packed out during the weekends. Tonight was no exception.
Since we had a party of 6, we were able to sample a few more dishes, including a big pot of soup that is usually hard to finish between us. We started with a dish of seaweed shrimp which simply tasted heavenly! The shrimp was crispy on the outside and juicy inside. The tiny fried seaweed flakes adds an additional crunch and flavor to the shrimp. A couple of us liked the seaweed so much that we finished it off with our rice without the shrimp 🙂
We also ordered the salty duck steamed with sticky rice which was served on a lotus leaf in a bamboo steamer. The sticky rice was infused with fragrance from the lotus leaf, imparting a delicate flavor that balances the saltiness of the duck meat.  The duck meat was also juicy and moist. Overall, this was a pretty well done dish.
My favorite dish here has got to be the Yu Xiang Pork that is served with steamed man tou (chinese buns). It's fun to eat this dish as you get to stuff the Yu Xiang Pork into the bun - I usually over-stuff my bun as I find it tastier that way. The Yu Xiang Pork, stir-fried with bamboo shoot in garlic sauce, delivers a rich and deep savory flavor. The bun is soft and warm - perfect for soaking up the garlicky greasy sauce from the pork.


We also ordered the Pickled Cabbage with Tilapia soup under the recommendation of our server. It was served in a large hot pot with a whole tilapia braised with pickled vegetables, mushroom, pork, garlic and celery. The pickle and fishy smell was an interesting combination - I liked it but I also think it is an acquired taste. It was definitely a very nutritious pot of soup that warmed me up in this cold winter night.
All in all I think this was a pretty good meal. I look forward to coming back here to try other things on the menu.

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