Ramen :: Pikaichi

November 25, 2017

It was great to be back at Pikaichi for lunch today. It has one of the best-tasting ramen I've tried in Greater Boston!
The restaurant was all packed with customers on this Saturday afternoon so we had to wait a bit before we could get seated. While waiting, we were entertained by the short comic strip by the glass door 🙂
The interior design has a funky, Japanese anime-inspired theme. The walls are painted bright red which I think helped to stimulate my appetite 🙂
We both had spicy miso ramen which was served with tender sliced pork and nori seaweed, topped with plenty of corn and scallion. The chef also included a special torch ginger garnish which not only made the presentation more visually appealing but also added a unique fragrant flavor to the already-tasty broth. The ramen was also chewy and cooked just right. It was so yummy that I couldn't stop drinking the broth even after I was done with the noodles!
By the way, our servers were also super friendly and they seemed to be full of energy, always checking in to see if everything was alright. Overall, this was an A+++ dining experience and definitely worth coming back for.
Update (Dec 10): Unfortunately, we just found out that Pikaichi will be closing doors on Dec 17th. It looks like they will be relocating somewhere but their plans are not firm as of today. Sad news indeed! 🙁

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