Mango Dessert :: Sweet Kingdom

November 23, 2017

After dinner at Dumpling Kingdom, we popped by its neighbor, Sweet Kingdom (no puns intended) to satisfy my hubby's sweet cravings. The window decor gives the shop a warm and cozy feel which looks inviting for dating couples or folks looking for a private place for heart to heart chats.
We stepped into a spacious interior with a modern sleek outlook and were welcomed by the soothing romantic ballads played from the wall TV. It was nice hearing familiar tunes of singers from my hometown 🙂
We ordered the La Creme Glacee Mango to share. It came with bits of fresh mango, mango puree, vanilla ice cream and sago. The combination was refreshing - I especially enjoyed the chewy texture of the sago with the softness of the puree. I think the quality is pretty good by Boston's standards (In Singapore, we have it better and cheaper).
On our way out, we were attracted by the rotating visual display of the shop's logo projected onto the walkway. This came from a tiny projector that they have carefully positioned above the window at the store front. What an ingenious idea to capture passerby's attention!

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