Japanese Fast Food :: H Mart, Cambridge

November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! Most of the restaurants were closed for thanksgiving today so it was really hard to find a lunch spot in between my experimental time points (yes, you read that right, I didn't get a day off today 🙁 ).
After driving past many closed restaurants along Mass Ave in Cambridge, we were very happy to find H Mart opened with a buzzing crowd! We ended up sharing a simple plate of Chicken Katsu Curry from Go Go Curry and a bowl of Miso Ramen from its neighbor, Sapporo Ramen. The food was in generally nothing super fancy but with that many restaurants closed, this was perhaps the best option we can find in this area to satisfy our growling stomach.
The Chicken Katsu curry came 'fast-food' style with a portion of crispy chicken cutlet glazed in Japanese curry. This was served on a bed of hot rice on a disposable paper plate. The curry tasted ok but it was a pity the chicken was too dry for my liking.
Our miso ramen came with generous servings of sliced/minced pork and noodles and was definitely good to have something warm to eat on this bitter cold day. However, this is probably the worst bowl of ramen I've had in the area - the broth and noodles just didn't taste quite right 🙁 .
Kudos to H mart for staying open for folks who don't cook or can't make it to thanksgiving/friendsgiving meals on Thanksgiving Day! However, I think there are way better options for Asian/Japanese food in the area so it doesn't look like I will come back here on regular days. Maybe next Thanksgiving (if I can't take days off that is)!

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