Pancake + Tofu Chigae :: Koreana

November 19, 2017

If I were to give a one sentence summary of Koreana in East Cambridge, it will be "Great Banchan with lousy customer service". This is where Hubby and I usually satisfy our cravings for Korean food when we have no time to travel for it. Today is one such day.
We ordered our favorite Seafood Scallion Pancake as usual. The pancake was super crispy and well-textured with generous squid fillings. Its spring onion-flavored soy dipping sauce also adds richness and saltiness to the savory flavor.


We were also served tiny plates of Banchan, which are side dishes that are usually provided free by Korean restaurants. The fish cake Banchan is our favorite - sometimes we will ask for a second serving! Did you know Banchan is always served in odd numbers because even numbers are considered bad luck in Korean culture?
We also ordered a bowl of Soft Tofu Chigae to share. This spicy stew came piping hot and was pretty well done. However, it was not exceedingly better than that in other Korean restaurants in this area. We had it with pork this time round but previous times with beef or seafood tasted a lot better.
Overall, I think the food is pretty good at Koreana but the overall experience is far from five-stars because of the poor customer service. Koreana is famous for their rude waitresses who always seem pissed off when you ask them for help. The Korean pancake and Ban Chan are definitely strong pull factors but the poor service puts Koreana pretty low on my list to come back as a regular customer.

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