Thai :: Pepper Sky

November 18, 2017

After pottery painting at Clay Room today, we headed to Pepper Sky for dinner. Pepper Sky is a quaint little restaurant located along a narrow alleyway off Mass Ave, a location that keeps it discreetly hidden from the main crowd in Central Square. Its secluded spot however doesn't keep MIT students from coming for its tasty and cheap Thai food. In fact, the tiny restaurant was fully packed with hungry customers when we arrived for dinner. We were glad to have made reservation beforehand, otherwise it would have been a long wait for a Saturday night.
We each chose dishes to share and it turned out to be a great idea to be able to sample from the variety. My favorite was Pad See Ew with Beef, a Chinese-influenced stir-fried noodle dish and popular street-food in Thailand. This mouthwatering dish has a unique flavor that tasted like browned noodles in caramelized sauce.
We also had Panang Curry which came with a spicy, fragrant aroma and tons of healthy vegetables!  Nom nom!
I also tried the Shrimp Emerald for the first time today. It was a simple but flavorful stir-fried dish. They were generous with the shrimp servings which were tender, plump and juicy!
I've always been amazed by how Thai chefs can spin up such scrumptious dishes with simple ingredients. Pepper Sky is no exception. More on Pepper Sky's other dishes the next time!

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