Thai :: Rod Dee, Porter Square

November 17, 2017

Woo hoo! TGIF! When it comes to Friday night out, hubby and I usually 'bicker over' where to have our dinner. When this happens, we try to reach a compromise by choosing one of the restaurants we regularly frequent. Rod Dee is one such restaurant.
This is a simple, no frills eatery with some really authentic Thai comfort food. The prices are very reasonable (many dishes are under $10 and no tipping required) and portions are huge too (grad students on a budget can probably eat a dish over 2 meals).
Our favorite dish here is the Indonesian Fried Rice. This looks like a simple dish but it is packed with so much flavor! I especially like the gooey egg yolk as it's oozed over the spicy fried rice. The fried chicken is crunchy on the outside and juicy + tender inside!
The boat noodle soup is also an item we order frequently. It is spicy, sour and rich with herbal flavors. The pork rinds adds a unique crunchy texture to the springy noodles!
I think we can never have enough of Rod Dee. It's likely we'll be regulars here for many years to come!

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