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November 12, 2017

Since our first visit last winter, Ebi Sushi has been our favorite spot for weekend lunch dates. This restaurant has a rather unassuming exterior and stays almost hidden at a low-key corner in Somerville. In fact, we had driven past it so many times prior to our first visit but did not dine there until many months later. We are so glad for the first try though! Since then, the great food at Ebi has kept us coming back.
Today, I ordered my usual Salmon Teriyaki Teishoku set. The entree was served with a nice spread of sides : miso soup, california roll, shrimp and vegetable tempura, shumai and salad. The salmon was very fresh, tender, moist and perfectly glazed in sweet teriyaki sauce. The best part for me was the crispy salmon skin which I usually save for the last 🙂
My hubby ordered a Chicken Katsu Japanese curry rice plate served with a salad. This is a dish that is hard to go wrong - the runny egg yolk over the crispy chicken is just simply heavenly!
Dining at Ebi Sushi during weekend lunch is usually better than that during weekday dinner. Not only is the lunch menu more value for money but customer service is also a lot better. The weekend staff are usually very friendly and some of them even remember our dining preferences. Their weekday colleagues can sometimes be quite rude when they are busy.
By the way, we have also tried other Japanese dishes at Ebi and I have to say they are all pretty authentic despite the fact that non of the chefs are Japanese (they are mostly Guatemalans). More on Ebi's other dishes in future posts! 🙂

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