Pottery Painting :: Clay Room

October 29, 2017

Today's wet and gloomy weather was perfect for pottery painting. With a few other pottery-enthusiasts, I visited the Clay Room at Coolidge Corner to 'unleash my creative potential' 🙂
We were welcomed by a dazzling display of pottery pieces of all shapes and colors as we entered the store. These included unique plates, bowls, tiles and figurines, all specially designed and awaiting to be picked up by their owners.
We were told to first pick a piece that we will like to paint from the rack. This took me a while as it was not easy for me to choose one out of the overwhelming number of beautiful pieces!
We had to choose the colors to paint based on 'fired' sample tiles on the wall. Firing is a process of heating up the pottery to high temperatures for maturation of the clay and glazes. This maturation step will chemically change the paint, often making the color brighter and more vibrant-looking. It took me a while to decide the color compositions of my pottery artwork as it was kind of strange to not be able to see the final color of the paint during the painting process. I had a lot of fun nevertheless and honestly think the 'color mystery' makes the process more interesting! There were also plenty of brushes to choose from, making it possible for us to work on the intricate details of our designs.
As a first-timer, I was also grateful for the helpful instructions by the wall and to learn that all mistakes are fixable! Unlike other forms of painting, pottery paint can be scrapped off easily from the surface and re-painted on, making it an easy medium to work with.
There is something magical about starting fresh on a pottery surface. I felt almost empowered and free to design anything that comes to mind and put my imagination to reality. The next few hours were moments of focus, peace and tranquility as we paint and dry layers of paint in between . . .
Occasional painting breaks were made interesting by the artistic bathroom walls and adorable kids at Clay Room.
After working on our pieces for almost 8 hours, they are finally ready to be glazed and fired in the kiln! Since the firing process will take several days to complete, we will have to patiently wait to see the final product.
This is the kiln that our pieces will be fired in.
Today's pottery painting was very enjoyable and relaxing. We actually did not realize how fast time went by. I honestly can't wait to see how our pieces turn out next week !

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